Get Well Wishes - Wish Them A Speedy Recovery!

41. Take care of yourself better okay? If not I’ll have to do it. Hope you feel better soon.

42. You didn’t take care of yourself again? I’ll have to next time then.  Wishing you a speedy recovery!

43. Feel better soon my friend, I’d love to hang out again. I hope you will feel better soon.

44. We miss your smiling face.  Hope you feel better soon.

45. I hate seeing you sick. Get well soon!

46. I hate not being able to see you. It’s annoying.  I hope to see you happy and health again soon.

47. I have no one to talk to in school. I’m a loner without you. Get well soon.

48. I feel so alone without you. Get well soon my friend.

49. You’ve made your point, I DO miss you. Get well soon and come see me!

50. I miss you. Hope you get out of bed in a little while. Get well soon.
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